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Our Superstars

the most wanted burger, salad and sandwich in town

King of BBQ Burger

It is perfect 4 lunch or dinner. The taste of 100% beef, homemade BBQ sauce and carefully chosen toppings will instantly  melt in your mouth and make you feel like royalty.

Simply Caesar Salad

If you are longing for fresh and tasty meal you’re in luck. Our Caesar salad is to die for 🙂 Crispy romaine lettuce, grilled chicken stripes, crunchy croutons, tasty bacon, parmesan and cherry tomato covered in homemade Caesar dressing. The best is yet 2 come, we are preparing all our salads right in front of you.

Tuna Ciabatta

Tuna lover? Our GOOD people have a really GOOD treat 4 U 2. Freshly made tuna pate containing Adriatic tuna, walnuts, cream an secret ingredient will blow u away. We simply spread this beauty in our integral ciabatta and VOILA!
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